CYO Athletics




CYO Athletics

CYO Athletics is open to all boys and girls in the parish and school from grades fifth–eighth. Partnered with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), St. Charles Borromeo Parish is the center of activities. The parish provides a resource of volunteers and financial support necessary for the implementation of activities for youth in CYO Athletics. It is this environment that also encourages family participation in activities as well as serving as a base of operations for coordinated programs and service projects to the greater community.


Athletic programs are seen as one way of implementing the mission of CYO in forming young people as disciples and bringing them into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ rooted in faith, community and sacramental life. CYO Athletics tries to:Increase self-confidence and self-reliance.Increase interpersonal competence.Increase a sense of caring toward others.

This will help athletes understand the aspect of service to others, and will help them better understand their sense of belonging. Youth are brought together from different parishes and schools, and social backgrounds in an atmosphere that foster the recognition of one's strengths and limitations, the lesson of the winning and losing, and respect for all involved: fellow players, opponents, coaches and officials. In other words, CYO is in the business of teaching life values that aid boys and girls in their development towards adulthood. It is worth noting that CYO Athletics does not view itself primarily as a sport developmental program.

Sports include:


  • Cross country - September-October
  • Basketball - November–February
  • Volleyball - February - May
  • For more information or to get involved with CYO sports, contact the Athletic Director, Ian Home,

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