We are happy to provide a convenient way to order your child's school uniforms.

We have chosen School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger as the uniform provider for the upcoming school year. There is a change in the style of jumper the girls can wear. If you have the "older," style jumper from Dennis, that is OK! We will no start requiring the drop waisted jumper until the 2022-2023 school year. You may click the link below and enter our school code (STCH02) to order online. For more information and detailed instructions, click here.

School code: STCH02


Please read the following communication we received about the girl's plaid from the Tommy Hilfiger Company:

The coronavirus/Covid-19 forced our plaid manufacturer to shut down for a few weeks, but they have since resumed operations at 50% capacity. This closure and reduced capacity caused a slight delay in our plaid delivery timeline.  The School Plaid Jumper, Skirt, and Skort will arrive at our distribution center on 9/10/20. When we add these items to your custom shopping site in mid-August, you and your families will see a backorder date of 9/24/20, which is ten business days out from the 9/10 date. The ten business days allows our team to receive, audit, and put these units into stock.

Please note, we understand that this delay impacts the first couple of weeks of your school year as you start on 9/2/20.  We still plan to have your school promotion (without the plaid) on 7/20-7/26 (10% off + Free Standard Shipping). This allows your families to get all of their other uniform items before the start of school with the promotional pricing. We will add the plaid to your site closer to the date the product will arrive in our warehouse. Due to the delay of the products, we will have another promotion (FREE STANDARD SHIPPING) for the delayed plaid items once they are added to the site.