Mission Statement

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School provides students an exemplary education within the faith-based traditions of the Catholic Church by: preparing leaders of tomorrow, providing opportunities for academic and spiritual growth, offering a secure and supportive environment, and partnering with parents, parish, and community.



The philosophy governing the educational endeavors at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School is based upon the Good News of Christ which renews, purifies, and elevates the morality of all peoples.

Working with the home and in the tradition of the Catholic Church, we strive to help children develop their particular capabilities and talents. It is our aim to instill in each child a desire for active Christian participation in society and a rich personal life.

As a mission of the parish and the greater Catholic Church, while recognizing the spiritual qualities and human dignity of individuals, we strive to preserve a view of the whole human person. Therefore, we aid the children in the formation of Christian conscience, development of intellect, and reliance on prayer to lead fruitful lives which embody universal Catholic values.