A Message from the Principal

A Message from the Principal

Dan Hill

Dear current and future St. Charles parents,

It has been interesting and exciting seeing the changes in Catholic Schools since I began teaching junior high in them 25 years ago.  Our new technology learning center (TLC) we created on campus this year was certainly not something any of us had on our radar back in the early 90’s.  St. Charles continues to look forward with high expectations in our academic program, and this has been true since long before I got here as principal.

One of the neat things about our school is that as advanced as we are becoming in our technological aspect, our kids still are taught and learn to love books.  As many apps and calculators and computers our students use, they still are taught and learn the fundamentals and pencil and paper math skills that are important throughout their lives.  This holds true for science, social studies, language arts, pe, music, and religion.  We value our books and paper and ability to create with our imagination, and the new technology only broadens the opportunities for our students as they grow.  

We have been educating students at St. Charles since 1958 and many of our traditions remain the same, particularly in our Catholic faith.   St. Charles is the best I’ve seen in all my years in Catholic education, and whether you are are reading this as a current family or future family, welcome.

I wish all of our families the best throughout the 2016-17 school year.  Enjoy the moments that your kids come home telling you about the new coding program, webpages, or apps they’ve created, but also enjoy those moments when they show you the same kinds of things from school that we showed our parents before computers.

God bless you and your families in all that you do, have a great year!

Mr. Hill


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