St. Charles Borromeo School takes great pride in remaining in the forefront of Catholic education. Improvements to the school in recent years have included technology, curriculum, student and family services, and facilities.

Advances in technology are key to approaching academia today, and in the future. Recent advances for St. Charles students are many. A technology coordinator was hired to manage the integration of technology across the curriculum and in the classroom. A priority for this position is the education of staff and students. The entire school has Internet accessibility and all computers are in a local network. Improvements for classroom technology include TV/VCRs and cable access.

Curriculum is examined annually on a seven year rotation. Some of our activities for students include volunteer administered extracurricular programs such as Robotics, Flight Simulation Class, and Chess Club. We have an Extended Care program, a hot lunch program and have recently added a Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment program.

Facilities have undergone major changes in recent years. Most significant is the addition of our library. Other improvements include two new classrooms, the technology lab, the kitchen, and parish center. Recent remodels have included the restrooms for handicap accessibility, hallway carpeting, and sinks in all elementary wing classrooms.

We are called to aggressively plan for the future and be visionary in identifying and meeting the needs of the student. As these needs evolve and are identified, St. Charles Borromeo School will make every attempt to provide services and programs to address those needs.