St. Charles Organization of Parents and Educators


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Parent University

For the 2017-18 school year, SCOPE will host opportunities to meet with other school parents as well as with teachers and administrators. Come learn about what happens at St. Charles. Share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

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We encourage you to use this mailbox as a means for forwarding your ideas, questions, and comments. We would love to hear from you regarding:

Meeting topics - for general parent meetings.

Any area SCOPE Board oversees at St. Charles - including Volunteering, Fundraising, Community Service, Publicity, Room Parents, Family Enrichment, Commitment Hours, and Hospitality.

Mission Statement

The mission shall be to provide educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support to the students of St. Charles Borromeo School through the involvement of parents, educators, and administrators, as well as the general community.


Membership in the school parent organization shall consist of the parents and/or legal guardians of each registered student in St. Charles Borromeo School and each member of the school and parish staff.


Membership meetings shall be held monthly, more or less frequently as needed, September through May. Special meetings may be called by the President and/or Executive Board.

2017-18 SCOPE Board Members

 President Moira Cashman
 President-Elect Samantha Toner
 Past-President Britta Francesconi 
 Secretary Megan Hubers 
 Finance Kari Kennard 
 Parish Council Rep Kate DeWeese 
 School Commission Rep Allison Zimmerman 
 12th Street Festival Chairs Britta Francesconi
Christine Bray 
 Fundraising Co-Chairs Diana Stover
Marisa Ranes
Justine Storaasli 
 Service Coordinator Co-Chairs Angela Connelly
Lauren Hawes 
 Room-Parent Coordinator/
 Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chairs
Kelly Rosati
Rachel Bracali
 Junior High Liason Keva Peairs 
 Hospitality Chair Aimee Haynes 
 Hospitality Co-Chairs-Elect Kristen Welch
Angela Nellist
 Family Enrichment Co-Chairs Michelle Hyer
Melinda Ringrose 
 Publicity Coordinator Co-Chairs Dawn Piacitelli
 Faculty Rep  
 Events: Grandparents Day Coordinator,
 Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances
Stephanie Klingelhoffer
Sarah Davis 
 Used Uniforms Andrea Nino 

SCOPE Board Meetings

SCOPE is the Saint Charles Organization of Parents and Educators. This organization includes all school parents and is governed by a board comprised of over 2 dozen parents and 1 staff member. The board meets on the third Tuesday of each month.