Middle School Religion

Middle School Religion

Mrs. Hynes

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                                        My Daily Schedule:                                   

9:30-10:30 Grade 7
10:30-11:30 Grade 8
11:30-12:30 Grade 8
1:00-2:00 Grade 7

Overview Tab: A brief overview of our program and curriculum for the 7th and 8th grades as well as the Labor of Love Service forms and the 8th grade Graduation Portfolio Assignment guides.

Grades Tab:  Connect to RenWeb for an up-to-date report on grades.

Prayers Tab: Monthly Prayer Test Schedule and the Archdiocesan Prayers for the Catholic Child, grades 7 & 8.

Links Tab: Great links to faithful Catholic resources on the web.

***Our textbook, Alive In Christ,  and support materials can be accessed at: aliveinchrist.osv.com

*Service Ideas:

  • Altar Serving and Ushering at the weekend Masses (call the parish office at 564-5185 for more info)
  • Nativity House Food Support (Bring cookies or brownies before the fourth Friday of each month to the school office)
  • Helping to clean and organize the Church
  • Serving downtown at Nativity House (schedule by phone, a parent must supervise students on site) 
  • Funeral Reception Food Support (Call Renee x3037 to be placed on the dessert support call list)
  • Working out at L'Arche Farm and Garden Project 
  • Assisting in the School Garden
  • Praying a Rosary in the Church or in Adoration in the Convent Chapel
  • Parish service support and child care assistance (there are fabulous events like the Advent and Lenten Festivals that need JH help)
  • Auction Support- so many tasks, great and small, before and after the big event
  • Freerice.com- students may declare one hour of CWM from this site.
  • 12th Street Singers
  • Junior High Musical
  • ...Be aware and creative, look for the formal as well as informal opportunities to respond in love.
*Our service program asks the kids to be more aware of the needs of the community around them, create an action plan of how they can help, and follow through with the heart and hands of Christ.


  St. Charles Borromeo, educator of youth, pray for us!

Welcome back!!!
We are so glad to be here with you for this amazing             year in the junior high.
May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you all your {junior high} days!