New Family Information

New Family Information

About SCB Preschool

Our Staff

Teacher Jessica (Kolva), our lead teacher, was born and raised in eastern WA where she attended Gonzaga University and received her Bachelors of Education in Special Ed., as well as endorsements in Early Childhood Special Education and Elementary Education. Jessica’s background in special education has developed her skills in individualizing education and creating a positive learning environment for each child. This is her third year at SCB. 

Miss Kristine (Zelazny), our assistant teacher, is also a SCB parent! With a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education, Kristine has taught in many grades levels before she joined us this year in our preschool. She is a wonderful addition to our team, using her vast knowledge to help our students feel loved and excited about school.

Our Learning Environment

The preschool program is dedicated to providing a safe environment for each child to grow emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually, by following developmentally appropriate practices (DAP). Briefly, DAP can be defined as those practices which are both age appropriate and individually appropriate for each child. In our program, each child is recognized and respected as an individual, and each is nurtured and cherished in a way that best fits his/her needs.

The preschool program is designed to promote learning through play. The teachers prepare the environment, offer age appropriate materials, and provide guidance so that children are able to explore their surroundings and make discoveries on their own with minimal support from the classroom staff. Because children develop at different rates and what one child may be able to do, another child may not be ready for, by exercising DAP, teachers are able to foster creative, positive, and self-fulfilling attitudes, rather than creating anxiety or resistance toward school.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of the preschool program is designed to focus on the five main domains of development which occur at the preschool level:

  1. Social/Behavioral
  2. Cognitive
  3. Fine & Gross Motor
  4. Communication
  5. Self-Care/Life Skills

We provide opportunities for children to participate in activities based on planned themes and the observable interests of the children. Our curriculum is incorporated through play, art, music, multicultural experiences, movement, using practical life skills, mathematics, science experiments, and cooking. Children are encouraged to use their own creativity in their work. Although planned and prepared by teachers, the curriculum becomes child-directed rather than teacher-directed by allowing for creative expression & discovery.


Kid’s Choice: a variety of small group and/or one-on-one activities around the room promoting the development of social skills, decision making, and problem solving, as well as literacy and mathematics skills. During this time, the teachers go around to students modeling appropriate play, and working on different skills based on the needs of each child.

Outside: We have to get those wiggles out with lots of gross-motor play! Please help us by always providing weather appropriate clothing for your student.

Circle: whole group activities, focusing around our learning themes, language development, and of course, more social skills!

Centers: small group activities relating to the theme, focused on the 5 main domains of early childhood development. 

Snack: working on language, and self-help skills such as washing up, asking for food, serving others, and eating and cleaning up after our selves.

Enrollment Information

Now Enrolling for 2017/2018 school year!

New family application available through main page.
  • AM & PM Sessions Available
  • AM Session 8:30 AM-11:15 AM
  • PM Session 12:15 PM-3:00 PM
  • Small class size: max 15:2 student to teacher ratio
  • Flexible 3, 4 and 5 day options available. 
    • Age 3 and potty trained by August 31st, 2017
    • See 'New Family Information' tab to the left for more information about the program and our curriculum


    Please help stock our classroom to keep a healthy & educational environment by providing the following supplies, if you are able:

    • 5 packages of baby wipes (refills preferred)

    • 1 pack of regular crayons (Crayola)

    • 1 8ct. watercolor (Crayola)

    • 1 package loose leaf construction paper

    • 1 pk plain white paper plates

  • 1 ream pastel copy/print paper

  • 1 ream white copy/print paper

  • 2-pk dry-erase markers (Expo)

  • 5 ct. glue sticks (Elmer's purple)

  • 2 containers of play dough (red, blue, yellow)

    • Change of uniform clothes in Ziploc (including underwear and socks) that can be left in the classroom cubby
    • Child sized backpack large enough to carry a large folder and & the change of clothes.

    Please note I have added suggested, but not required brands, as they have proven to be durable and trustworthy in the classroom setting. I understand these brands are not always the most cost effective; please don’t feel obligated to buy them. Additionally, please do not label any of the supplies on this list with the exception of personal items such as clothing and backpacks, as they will be placed in a communal bin in our classroom for use throughout the school year.