Grade 2 B

Grade 2 B


2B Happenings with Mrs. Henckel

For the week of: September 18-22, 2017


Theme for the Year: “Fruit of the Spirit”

Virtue for the Month: Joy

Saint/Holy Person for the Month: Bernadette

“Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.”  1 Peter 5:7

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You were given a red folder at Back-to-School Night with lots of helpful information about our year. This folder is for you to keep.  Please take the time to look through it and let me know if you have questions. Please keep usernames and passwords in a safe place.  You’re asked to return your Student Profile by Monday, 9/18.  Your information helps me to better support you and your child. You know your child best.


Thanks for the response from those of you who signed up to read with the children at Back-to-School Night.  On Tuesday, 9/26 we’ll have a short informational meeting after school in our room to discuss what you need to do when reading with us.  Volunteers begin Tuesday, 10/3. 


Have you volunteered at school and plan on volunteering this year? Our Safe Environment/Virtus program is required for all volunteers.  For those of you who have already set up your account, you should see a list of the classes you have already taken, your background check, and up-to-date contact information, including e-mail.  The timeline requires you to update online classes every three years. Now is the time for you to go in and check your account and make sure you are up to date. The background check is done in the same timeline.  For additional information, please see Mrs. Kuzmanich in the office.


We’ll be starting with a little bit of homework this coming week.  It’s so important that you please support and monitor homework for accuracy and make sure that all problems have been completed.  In math we’re working on addition & subtraction fluency, odd & even numbers, and number patterns.  In the coming weeks we’ll be learning about “Find a Ten”. Check out this helpful video clip that explains what “Find a Ten” is


Please have your child review their PK-1st grade prayer requirements.  The children were evaluated on these this past week.  Look for a checklist of how they did in their Monday homework folder.  It’s important that these are mastered before we move forward with our 2nd grade prayers. 


Beginning in 2nd Grade our school participates in  Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing.  Our fall testing will be September 25-29.  These tests are given three times throughout our school year and measures what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By adjusting to each student’s performance, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment that accurately measures performance—whether a student performs on, above, or below grade level. For more information:



·         Return your Student Profile page

·         Names inside all sweatshirts and coats

·         Water bottles are highly encouraged, please…no line, no waiting

·         Review uniform guidelines…shoes, headbands, and short/jumper/skort length

·         Help! We’re still in need of larger size bags of pretzels, goldfish, Nilla Wafers, animal crackers, Ritz  crackers, or graham crackers.  Thanks!

·         Scholastic book order due by the end of the month (Class Code GMYBD)


Important Reconciliation & First Communion Dates for your calendar…

·         October 8th:  First Reconciliation Preparation begins with a parent meeting & blessing of books with kids @ 2:00 pm in the church

·         January 20th: First Reconciliation Service @ 10:30 am in the church

·         January 24th: First Reconciliation Service @ 7:00 pm in the church

·         January 28th: First Eucharist Preparation begins with a parent meeting and blessing of books with kids @ 2:00 pm in the church

·         March 24: First Communion Retreat @ 9:00 in the church

·         May 5th & 6th: First Communion at all the masses.  Sign-ups for dates will be near retreat time

·         Questions?  Pat Gleason in the parish office is your point of contact for Sacramental preparation:


Have a nice weekend!

Mrs. Henckel †




The Top 10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

1. Read together daily!      

Children who read at home with their parents perform better in school. 

2. Establish a family routine for homework
Set aside a regular, quiet time and place for students to work and be encouraging.

3. Be involved with your child's school
Parents who are involved with school have students that succeed better in school.

4. Focus on your child’s progress
By focusing on what your child does well, your child feels more successful.

5. Work with your child
Helping your child with studying spelling words, math facts or preparing for a test makes your child feel more confident with your support.

6. Look over your child’s papers often   

When you show an interest in what your child is doing, often the child works harder to succeed.

7. Setting limits helps your child see your priorities
Don’t be afraid to set limits for TV, video games, or too many extracurricular events.

8. Teach your child to be responsible
Your child is a student, so make them responsible for their education, such as putting their own homework in their backpack and returning library books on time.

9. Make learning important
Find excitement in learning by taking your child on nature walks, going to special events and demonstrating that you want to learn things with them.

10. Have fun with your child!


2nd Grade Common Core Standards


English/Language Arts


2nd Grade Activities

Grade Level Prayers

Sites for 2nd Grade Games & Activities

Addition & Subtraction Fact Fluency

IXL Math

Math Enrichment (not our book)

Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary Games

Reading (our book)


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