Excellence in Education

Excellence in Education

Dear Friends,


Each day I am amazed by the blessings we receive at St. Charles. We recently celebrated Veteran’s Day and I would like to share a little bit from the event.


We welcomed and honored over 60 veterans at an assembly on Tuesday, November 12th in Feist Hall at 2:00pm.  It was wonderful to see the pride in our students faces as each veteran was introduced, many of them were parents or grandparents of students.  One of the most touching things for me was when the student body sang the fight song for each branch of the military.  I watched our veteran guests and many of them were touched and proud that our students knew “their” song. 


We are fortunate at St. Charles to be able to honor our country every morning with the Pledge of Allegiance.  We celebrate our faith in God every day.  We are lucky to have a staff that is dedicated to your students learning, not just curriculum, but how to be respectful, kind and caring of others. We are blessed with a community of parents who

care for one another and support each other through good times and bad.  These are the things that make St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School so different from any other school in our area.


The blessings we have at St. Charles started a long time ago, way before any of us were associated with the school.  The commitment to form a rigorous academic and spiritually filled school was brought to fruition by parents like yourselves.  It is our duty to continue to provide what we can to keep that commitment going forward for the next generation of Catholic school children.


I ask you to reflect on the blessings you and your child have received at St. Charles and make a donation to the Excellence in Education School Annual Fund.  It doesn’t matter what amount you give, it matters that you give.  My expectation as your principal is that 100% of our families and staff members give.  Your gift will honor the families who came before us, who worked so hard to make St. Charles a wonderful place and it will bless families in the future who will carry on our mission.


God bless,


 Dan Hill                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Click here to print a pledge form or go to the donations page of the website to give a gift.