Emergency Closure Information

Emergency Closure Information

Emergency Information

Inclement Weather

Parents should first check the school website (www.stcharlesb.org) to see if school is cancelled or starting late. The website is posted first; then TV/radio stations: KING, KIRO, KOMO TV and KIRO and KOMO radio. If there is no school or if there is a late start, this should  be posted between 6:00-6:30am.

Emergency Plans

Each family needs a plan to provide care and transportation for students in case of bad weather, road conditions, or other emergencies altering school hours. Be sure you have indicated on the Emergency Release form all those allowed to pick up your child/ren. We cannot release to anyone not on the list.

In cases of bad weather arising during the school day, we will continue with school until the regular dismissal time for the day. It is up to the parents discretion if you wish to pick students up before the end of the school day.

Types of Announcements

  • School Closed – school will be closed for the day, and all meetings, field trips, before and after school activities for the day will be canceled.

  • School Opens Late – school will open one or two hours late and will be dismissed at the regular time, unless otherwise announced in updates. On these days there will be no AM Pre-Kindergarten; there will be afternoon Pre-Kindergarten.