Uniform Policy 2017-18

Uniform Policy 2017-18

St. Charles Borromeo School Uniform Policy 2017-2018

Our Dress Code Purpose

At St. Charles Borromeo School, we value our Catholicism and traditions above all other things. Our uniforms are our first opportunity to make an impression on those who see us, and as such are the most apparent expression of our commitment to modesty, safety, and a distraction-free learning environment. We believe that our dress code policies contribute to a positive school, and provide a level playing field to our students, free of the judgment which may be a byproduct of fads, fashion trends, or socioeconomic factors. Our uniforms and dress code also provide safety from clothing which may be a hazard on the playground, as well as provide us a means of quickly identifying people who may not belong on school grounds.

Intermittent uniform checks will be conducted and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.  Persistent violations will result in progressive disciplinary action.

Mass Attendance

On any school day that students attend Mass, they must be in full school uniform, including the St. Charles uniform sweatshirt, sweater, or vest.

Cardigans, Sweatshirts, or Vests  

Navy blue cardigan, pull over sweater, or vest with white St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School insignia on the left chest area (Uniform Store OR school logo sweatshirt only): Blue for grades Preschool to grade 5 and blue three-quarter zip for grades 6, 7 and 8 (ordered through school office).  No other sweatshirts are permitted at school.  St. Charles polar fleece vests allowed.


Long or short sleeved collared shirt, white knit polo shirt, or white turtleneck shirts are permitted in all grades.  No lace collars.  Shirts must be tucked in. Undershirts must be solid white, short-sleeved, with no logos and not visible.


Standard slack cut, plain dark navy cords or dark navy cotton twill pants may be worn. May be purchased from the Uniform Store or be similar in mid-weight twill fabric.  No cargo or skinny-legged pants will be allowed.  Pants must be worn at waistline.  

Walking Shorts

Dark navy twill walking shorts (no shorter than 2” above knee) are permitted from the first day of school until October 31st and then again from April 1st until the last day of school.* No sweat pant, jersey knit material, or cargo style shorts allowed. Tights may not be worn with shorts. Shorts must not be below the knee and must be worn at waistline.

*Junior High students are allowed to wear shorts year round*

Jumpers, Skirts, and Skorts

  • Girls in preschool, pre-k, and grades K-5 – Dennis plaid jumpers or Dennis plaid skorts
  • Girls in grades 6, 7, & 8 – Dennis plaid skirt or Dennis plaid skort

All skirts and skorts length must be no shorter than 2” above the knee and may not be rolled at the waist line. Longer-length options for skirts and skorts are available at the Dennis uniform store. Shorts must be worn under jumpers or skirts, but must not be visible.  Tights may be worn with skorts and jumpers, but not shorts. Ankle-length black only leggings may be worn by girls in grades preschool to grade 2 only.

Socks, Tights, and Leggings

Solid navy, black, or white socks only.  Socks must be worn and must be visible above the shoe. Girls may wear plain (not patterned) tights in solid white, black, or navy.  No nylons, thigh highs, or nylon knee socks.  Ankle-length black only leggings may be worn by girls in grades preschool to grade 2 only.


Students are encouraged to wear belts. Must be navy, black, or brown.  Solid colors only with no embellishments.


Students are required to wear shoes that are safe, non-distracting, and appropriate for school:

  • Sturdy, fully-enclosed, non-skid shoes.  These may be tennis shoes.   Shoes need to be secured via laces, Velcro, buckle, or sturdy strap for safety.

  • Shoes designed for laces must be securely laced and tied. Shoelaces must be matching and solid color.

  • No boots, sandals, Heelys, or light-up shoes. No raised heels or platforms.

  • No slip on shoes in grades pre-school through 5.

  • Girls in grades 6-8 may wear flats without socks.  Flats must be a plain solid color.

  • P.E. Shoes  - Students should wear appropriate athletic shoes to school on days when they have P.E.

Personal Appearance

Students need to arrive at school dressed neat and clean. Clothing must be in good repair. Please mark all clothing with student's name.


Hair is to be neatly combed/brushed with no unnatural hair colors (i.e. highlighted, dyed, or bleached).  No extreme hairstyles, spiked hair or hair extensions or hair weaving. No beads or feather extensions.  Hair must not cover the eyes.  Boys’ hair must be above the collar.  Boys must be clean shaven. Students will be sent home to have hair properly groomed if it is found to be not in accordance with school uniform code.

Hair Accessories  

Girls hair accessories must be simple, non-distracting and in solid colors or uniform plaid. No scarves, flowers, or embellishments.


Hats and scarves may not be worn in the school building with exception of certain celebrations (students will be notified ahead of time of these exceptions).


Makeup is not to be worn - this includes eye shadow, liners, mascara, foundation and lipstick.


Stud size earrings only, decorations no larger in diameter than a dime, and no dangling earrings are to be worn - even on free dress days.  Only one pair of earrings may be worn, one earring in each earlobe. No extra piercings are allowed. Boys may not wear earrings.  No other jewelry allowed with the exception of watches, or a religious medal or cross worn around the neck. Rings may not be worn.

Nail Polish

No colored nail polish  or French manicures. Clear polish is allowed.  No artificial nails allowed.  Please be sure that your student has removed nail polish before coming to school.

Free Dress

Free dress is allowed on special occasions throughout the year as designated by the principal.  Clothing must be modest and appropriate for school as determined by the school administration. Shorts are not allowed unless it is a month that uniform shorts can be worn, and length must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.  Spandex or lycra shorts are not allowed.  No tank tops, sleeveless blouses or shirts allowed.  Ankle-length only leggings may be worn with skirts or dresses.  No tear-away pants allowed, nor are flannel, polar fleece, yoga/workout, or tight-fitting pants. No pants with holes allowed.

Plain, loose-fitting track pants allowed.  No wording or large logos on pants. Shoe, makeup, and jewelry policies are in effect even on free dress days. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may wear boots on free dress days.  Students not conforming to free dress policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Revised 8/17