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Junior High Religion:

In the Junior High our Religion curriculum focuses on the learning of "right knowledge" as well as developing a personalized and communal practice of the Catholic faith.

In the 7th grade our curriculum focuses on the New Testament.

In the 8th grade our curriculum focuses on Morality and the History of the Church.

Our text books may be viewed digitally at:


       Username: StCharlesB

       Password: LovetheLord

Along with the themes above, we cover a lectionary-based Bible study each week in preparation for the Sunday Mass.  We call this our Laying Down Palms or LDP program. The weekly readings may be found at www.usccb.org.

Ten hours of community service each trimester is required of our JH students.

Throughout the year, 8th graders will generate their Graduation Portfolio Project.  The GP as we call it, reflects the students' gains in the School-wide Learning Expectations.

*In general, please ask your student for updates on activities and assignments; your youth needs to be responsible for his/her schedule, activities, and school work.  

*Our Junior High uses RenWeb to support parent, student, teacher communication.  All RenWeb access codes are the same as your FACTS account.  If you have lost or forgotten your access code you may send an email request to Mrs. Rousseau in the school office.  Please check your student profile for current grades and missing work.


Labor of Love Service Forms

Log Form
"Is This Service?" Checklist
Reflection Paper Guidelines

Graduation Portfolio Assignments (8th grade)

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