Middle School Social Studies

Middle School Social Studies

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Middle School Social Studies

8:30-9:30 Planning
9:30-10:30 Grade 7 Gp 1
10:30-11:30 Grade 8 Gp 1
11:30-12:30 Grade 8 Gp 2
1:00-2:00 Grade 7 Gp 2
2:00-3:00 PE

Preferred method of contact: email at smccoy@stcharlesb.org. I check my email frequently during the day.

Welcome to SCB Social Studies. The History courses and Holt McDougal texts at St. Charles are designed to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge, civic values, and intellectual skills they will need to meet the challenges of citizenship in the 21st Century.

Seventh grade History will use the Text “World History” and will cover the following themes in World History: Fall of Rome, Islam, Feudalism, (Castle Project) Renaissance, The Reformation, The Age of Reason, The Age of Exploration, The Industrial Revolution, Discovery and settlement. (High School requirement for Washington State will be completed in the 3rd trimester.)

Eighth grade History will use the text “United States History” and will cover the following themes in United States History: The Land, Exploration and Settlement, The American Revolution, American Government, (The Constitution) must take immigrants test for Naturalization. Westward Expansion, Sectionalism, (North vs. South) The Civil War, Reconstruction, The Last West, Immigration, Overseas Expansion, America at War, Modern American Development.

RenWeb - Students assignments and grades are kept in the secure environment in RenWeb.  There is also more detailed information on assignments.

Links - This links to the  textbooks on line and other history and social study links that may be of benefit to the students. This is not the textbook in its entirety so students will still need to bring their textbooks home to study and do assignments.

George Washington