Welcome Alumni!

Hello Alumni!

We would love to hear from you and what you are up to! Send us an email with your updated information, photos, etc. to:

St. Charles is blessed to have the following Alumni return with their families:

 Michael Albers
 John Marchio
 Joseph Bordeaux
 Christopher Marston
 Thomas Bordeaux
Danielle Rosellini Marston
 Lori Waltier Briggs
Mike Marston
 Kathryn Milasich Brown
 Michael McCann
 Aileen McEntee Carrell
 Michael Miller
 Jeff Cathersal
 Timothy Parker
 Steven Coleman
 Krista Hanberg Philbrick
 Kristin Zemek Downing
 Christopher Rosati
 Gina Constanti Eacrett
 Sandra Rovai Shaffer
 Nigel English
 David Sterbick
 Thomas Ganje
 Travis Tebb
 Steve George
 Terry Tebb
 Steven Gorder
 Lawrence Vandeberg
 Rebecca Watters Gorder
 Darren Waltier
 Erin Babbo Hunter
 Myshile Tubig Waltier
 Laura Ganje Ibarra
 Allison Skibbs Welch
 Dan Joque Johnston
 Ann McEntee Wiegman
 Vincent Kokich Jr
 Luke Xitco
Stephanie Burns Leverett  Allison Linggi Zimmerman
Brandy Manza Lindstrom
Monte Maenhout

Alumni Updates


Manola Secaira

If you are an alumni and have moved since you attended St. Charles, please take the time to fill out the form at this Link. 


1971 8th Grade Class

TOM BORDEAUX - Alumni of the Year

Tom Bordeaux 2014

Tom Bordeaux - Alumni of the Year.  Tom and his wife Linda, have four boys - 3 who have graduated from St. Charles.  His youngest child is currently in 1st grade.  Tom has always been involved with our school participating in a number of activities, from the School Commission, coaching CYO, Auction, Parish Council and many other school events.  He loves to spend time on the golf course and with his children and being part of this faith filled community.