8th grade Spanish

8th grade Spanish

In 8th grade Spanish, which is offered in the second semester, students begin by reviewing what they learned the year before in 7th grade Spanish. In the case of new students who did not take 7th grade Spanish, there will be accommodations made for the challenge of catching up.

The review includes:

  • greetings
  • introductions
  • asking questions
  • numbers 0 - 100
  • colors
  • talking about the weather
  • activities you do and don't like to do
  • describing people and things using adjectives
  • regular verb forms
  • school subjects and daily schedules
  • classroom objects
  • food and meals

As the class move on, students will work to master these additional features of Spanish:

  • talking about preferences
  • the plural forms of adjectives
  • the verb SER
  • talking about leisure activities
  • the verb IR
  • question words
  • talking about future events
  • family life
  • ordering food at restaurants

The geography of Spanish-speaking nations in South America and the Caribbean is reviewed. Since 8th grade Spanish is a spring class, students study the customs associated with Semana Santa and Easter in Latin America and Spain.

Students also review (or learn for the first time) prayers in Spanish, the Padre nuestro, Dios te salve, María, Gloria, and Grace before and after meals.

Grades are based on class participation, homework assignments, quizzes, and 4 written/oral exams.