7th grade Spanish

7th grade Spanish

In 7th grade Spanish, students begin by reviewing (and for new students, learning for the first time) the basics of Spanish.

Among the early topics are:

  • greetings
  • introductions
  • asking questions
  • numbers 0 - 100
  • colors
  • talking about the weather

Later on, the class works on mastering additional areas of Spanish:

  • activities you do and don't like to do
  • describing people and things using adjectives
  • regular verb forms
  • school subjects and daily schedules
  • classroom objects
  • food and meals

The geography of Spanish-speaking nations in Central America is reviewed. Since 7th grade Spanish is a fall class, students study the customs associated with Días de muertos in Mexico, by watching the video, Food for the Ancestors.

Students also review (or learn for the first time) prayers in Spanish, the Padre nuestro, Dios te salve, María, Gloria, and Grace before and after meals.

Grades are based on class participation, homework assignments, quizzes, and 5 written/oral exams.