6th grade Spanish

6th grade Spanish

In 6th grade Spanish classes meet twice weekly, and a third time on Fridays alternating sections.

 Students begin by reviewing and if necessary, re-learning, these aspects of the Spanish language:

·               greetings

·               the Spanish alphabet

·               numbers 0 – 100

·               days of the week

·               months and seasons of the year

·               telling time

·               classroom objects


Students also review how to make the Sign of the Cross and to say Grace Before Meals, the Padre Nuestro (Our Father), the Dios te salve, María (Hail Mary), and the Gloria (Glory Be) in Spanish. As the year progresses students move on to listening, talking, reading, and writing about these additional topics as well:

    • frequent colloquial expressions
    • weather terms
    • sports
    • shapes
    • adjectives and agreement of adjectives
    • regular verb forms


    Grades are based on class participation, homework, oral quizzes, and written quizzes and tests.