5th grade Spanish

5th grade Spanish

Spanish is first offered to students in the 5th grade, and although some students may have already learned some Spanish, the class begins at the very beginning with the most basic features of the language.


Classes meet twice weekly, and a third time on Fridays alternating sections.


In these classes students work on learning to hear and understand spoken Spanish through practice and repetition. At the same time students are practicing the skill of speaking Spanish in an authentic, understandable way. Gradually the written language is introduced for reading and recognizing Spanish words, and only later do students begin to work with writing and spelling.


During the year we will be working to master these aspects of the Spanish language:


  • numbers 0 - 60
  • colors
  • days of the week, months of the year, and seasons
  • frequent colloquial expressions
  • telling time
  • sports
  • family terms
  • adjectives and agreement of adjectives
  • possessives
  • the forms of some regular verbs


Students will also learn the geography of the Spanish-speaking world, as well as something about cultural differences between Spanish- and English-speaking people. We will also spend time learning more about how holidays are observed in the Spanish-speaking world, for instance, Día de los muertos in Mexico, Reyes magos in Spain, and Easter.


In addition, students will learn to make the Sign of the Cross and pray "Grace Before Meals," "Grace After Meals," the "Our Father," "Hail, Mary," and "Glory Be" in Spanish.