Resource Room

Resource Room

Updates on the Resource Room

St. Charles School’s Resource Room provides assistance for students who have learning challenges.

The following services are available:

·        All students in grades kindergarten through seventh grade are assessed with the DIBELS assessment (a standardized reading assessment) in the fall and the spring.

·        Students in kindergarten through fifth grade qualify for assistance based on formal and informal assessments, classroom assessments, and teacher observations.

·        Parental permission is required for all students to receive Resource Room assistance.

·        Students in kindergarten through third grade receive small group instruction in groups of three to six. This instruction is in addition to and is reinforcement of their classroom Language Arts curriculum.

·        Fourth grade students receive their Language Arts instruction in the Resource Room. A modified curriculum of fourth grade skills is taught.

·        Fifth grade is the “phasing out” year for Resource Room students. These students receive limited assistance with their classwork and/or homework.

The Resource Room teacher has taught special education in the public school system and has experience working with learning challenged students.

The Resource Room teacher is also a resource to teachers and parents regarding services in the community available to assist families with children who have learning challenges.

For more information, please contact:
Wendi Pfannenstiel
564-5185 (ext. 3028)