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(253)564-5185 ext. 3045

Registration packets available as needed in the Main School Office. Packets must be returned before your child's first day of EduCare.

Students must have current vaccination records on file to qualify.

*EduCare is available only for Pre-K through age 12.*

For before-school care inquires, please see the Before School Care tab listed to the left or in the 'For Parents' drop down menu above.


Lead Teacher: Jaimie Turner

Assistant Teacher: Agnes Perez

Teacher Assistants: Megan Adams & Mary Sanborn 

Hello SCB Families,

We are excited to start our 24th year of EduCare at St .Charles and our thirteenth year in the convent, which was newly remodeled Fall 2013. In Spring 2014, with a lot of work from our team, EduCare earned a full non-expiring license as a Child Care Center from the Department of Early Learning. If you would like to know more about this process and how it affects our program, please contact our program director, Jessica Kolva, for more information. We are looking forward to another year of EduCare, offering quality care in a loving and educational environment. Below is some additional helpful information about our program:

**Please remember that when you enroll your child in EduCare, besides paying for your child’s care, you are also paying for the space reserved for your child.**

I. Hours:

EduCare will be open from the end of school to 6 p.m. on all school days, including early dismissals, with the exception of the three days listed below. EduCare will be closed on all days the school is closed. 

NOTE EduCare will be closed on the following days:

  • First day of school- August 31, 2016
  • Early Dismissal-December 16, 2016
  • Last day of school-June 14, 2017

II. Fees and Payment:

A.   Full and part time user fees are prorated based on the annual fee and charged through FACTS over a nine month schedule, September through May, and will be added to the current family service agreement.

  • Full Time (4-5 days/week) Annual rate, Monthly payment
    • First child, full-time: $3100, $344.45/mo
    • Second child same family: $2580,  $286.67/mo
    • Third child same family: $2060, $228.89/mo
  • Part time (2-3 days/week), Annual rate, Monthly payment
    • First child: $2060, $228.89/mo
    • Second child same family: $1860, $206.67/ mo.
    • Third child same family: $1550, $172.22/mo
  • Hourly (1 day/week or emergency use, or early dismissals only)
    • $12/hour per child. 

Please be aware that after 6 p.m., there will be a $30 per 10 minute increment fee charged to your FACTS account for late pick-up, REGARDLESS OF NOTIFICATION.

B. There is a registration fee each school year of $20/ family paid via FACTS at the time of enrollment in the program.

C. A late payment fee of $25  will be added to late accounts, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in advance.

D. We understand about traffic and emergencies. Please call or email EduCare staff as soon as possible before 6 pm if  you expect to be delayed because of traffic or other unforeseen reasons. EduCare's phone number is 253.564.5185 ext. 3045.

III. Adjustments

A. Leaving care: For full-time and part-time families, if your child is withdrawn from EduCare during the month and is not to return, a withdrawal fee of $30 will be assessed for withdrawals after the 5th of that month. Otherwise, full payment is due. 

IV. Medical Emergencies

A. We will administer necessary first aid for non-life threatening situations. Parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible.

B. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, we will either:

  1. Contact the child’s doctor (if we are unable to contact parent/guardian) and/or
  2. Call for an ambulance

(Note: we will continue to try to contact parents/guardians if we have not been able to do so earlier.)

V. Medical Policy

A. Each child must have the following information on file at EduCare:

  1. Emergency phone numbers, medical information, and basic medical background.
  2. Parent’s/guardian’s signed consent for medical care including medical insurance information.
  3. Signed medical permission slips if you want us to administer any prescription or over-the-counter medications. The medication must be in its original container and be clearly marked with the child’s name, the expiration date of the medication and its dosage rate.

VI. Discipline guidelines:

A. We will establish a regular routine in order to provide stability and to help the child feel secure and comfortable.

B. We will ensure that the rules are both understandable and understood so that each child will know his/her limits.

C. We will not allow a child’s behavior to endanger him/herself or others.

D. We will deal with each child to his/her level of understanding in a positive, reasonable, and consistent way.

E. We will remind, warn, and offer alternative behavior choices, positive redirection, affirmative responses for appropriate behavior, and, if necessary, take physical-control of the situation.

F. If necessary, we will isolate the child from the situation and/or the other children until the problem can be solved. We define isolation as:

  1. The child is redirected to another activity separate from the situation.
  2. The child is separated from the other children under adult supervision.
  3. Activities that cause or create a problem are stopped.

G. We will not use physical punishment.

H. We will discuss serious and/or continuing behavioral problems with the parents/guardians in an effort to find an amenable solution or to decide whether or not the child should remain under our care.

I. All school rules apply to EduCare.

VII. Miscellaneous

A. We provide a snack after school. Children may bring additional healthy snacks if desired.

B. Please, do not allow your child to bring toys, games, electronic devices, phones, money and/or any other valuable belongings. Bringing extra items, more often than not, creates problems among the children. Our policy is to have the kids put extra items away.

**EduCare is not responsible for damaged or stolen property.**

C. Please remember to have an alternate person who has your permission to pick up your child; if your alternate person is not on contract, we will need to call you. Students cannot be allowed to go with anyone without your express permission.

D. Any information provided to us by the parents/guardians regarding the child will be kept confidential.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment where your child can create, play, do homework, engage in outside activities (weather permitting), watch an occasional movie, and/or relax under caring supervision.

We always welcome you to observe the program and ask you to share with us your suggestions and concerns. Thank you for choosing EduCare for your child care needs. 

You can reach our lead teacher, Jaime Turner, by phone at 253.564.5185 ext. 3045 or email at

Yours in Christ,

The EduCare Staff

Updated 9/8/16

Click here for a printable version of the Educare Parent Handbook.

Click here for a printable version of the Educare Disaster Plan