Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Faith Filled Disciples of Christ who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic teaching and tradition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and participation in prayer.
  • Show respect and care for school and personal property.
  • Participate in service to church, school, and community.
  • Apply Catholic teaching and gospel values in making good choices through daily action.
  • Celebrate the seasons of the liturgical year including feast days and Holy Days of Obligation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how sacraments help us to grow as disciples of Christ
  • Acknowledge the grace received through celebration of the sacraments.

Self Aware Individuals who:

  • Recognize and share gifts and talents.
  • Exhibit a positive self-image.
  • Develop strong physical, mental, and spiritual character.
  • Work to develop individual potential.

Skilled Communicators who:

  • Actively listen.
  • Speak with confidence and poise.
  • Express written thoughts clearly, concisely, and creatively.

Moral and Responsible Citizens who:

  • Accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Demonstrate strong character and act with integrity.
  • Contribute positively to the community and church.

Life Long Learners who:

  • Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Demonstrate mastery of basic academic subjects
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply learning to life.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate responsible use of technology for learning, communication.